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Our basic aim is to provide a stimulating and caring environment where the children feel safe and secure. They can develop and learn in ‘fun and friendship’, and by the time they reach school age, we hope to have laid a firm educational foundation.

We live in a multi-cultural society and at pre-school we believe that all children are individuals. We welcome all children and we aim to ensure that all the children have an equal opportunity to benefit from all of the learning experiences provided. We aim to promote and reward positive behaviour at the same time discouraging inappropriate behaviour.

At St. Peter’s we understand the importance of ‘play’ for the young child, and we aim to achieve a balance of indoor and outdoor activities, so the children can explore and learn about their world at their own pace. The children are encouraged to develop independence and make choices throughout the session.

The daily activities we provide are as varied as possible. Within our sessions we aim to incorporate creative play, physical play, role-play, music and singing, and more. We aim to cover aspects of the seven areas of learning each session through a varied curriculum, to enable the children to develop and build on their skills as they work through the Early Years Foundation Stage as required by OFSTED.