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Questions And Answers

Below are some of the common questions we are asked. If you have a question that is not answered below, please click here and use the details on the “Contact Us” page

Q. Would I be welcome to stay with my child?

A. All parents and carers are welcome to stay with their child for as long as they feel their child needs this.

Q. If my child was distressed at what stage would you call me?

A. If your child was still distressed following attempts to comfort and reassure and we felt a child was becoming more distressed, we would contact you by telephone to discuss the way forward.

Q. What is your hand washing policy?

A. Children are taught to wash their hands after each visit to the toilet or having wiped their nose. All children must wash their hands before eating.

A small amount of antibacterial gel is also applied after hand washing, coughing, sneezing or nose wiping.

Q. Will you assist my child with toilet training?

A. Yes, we will work with you to see what stage your child is at with toilet training and support your child in the same manner that he or she is used to at home.

Q. How do I pay for Pre School sessions?

A. Each half term you will be given a bill for the cost of forthcoming sessions. In the term after a child reaches his/her

3rd birthday your child is entitled to 15 funded hours (weekly) at Pre School and your bill will be adjusted accordingly.

You may pay in cash, by bank transfer, by cheque, or Child Care Vouchers. Please make cheques payable to St Peters (Thundersley) Pre School. For bank transfer details please ask.

Q. Does my child have the opportunity for outdoor play at every session?

A. Yes all children get the opportunity to play outside except in the event of particularly bad weather that may jeopardize the safety of the children and staff.

Q. What happens if my child wets or soils their clothing?

A. We ask that all children bring a change of clothing with them to each session. In the event of a child wetting or soiling their clothing your child would be changed by a member of our staff. We do have a small supply of clean, dry children’s clothing just in case extra changes are needed. If your child borrows anything from our stock of clothing please launder and return it as soon as possible.

Q. Can my child bring his/her dummy?

A. Whilst we understand that dummies and soothers offer comfort to young children we will encourage all children to remove dummies from their mouths when talking to us or when singing.

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