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The Village playgroup was established within the village in 1964.  It was originally located in the Old School Building, Church Road that used to be opposite Thundersley Clinic.

In the 1970’s the playgroup moved to St Peter’s Church Hall were it has become a well established and highly sought after Pre School.

For 50 years the group has seen many changes to National Early Years Practice as different Governments come and go. As a result of a new Labour Government in 1997 recognising the early years of a child’s life as being the most significant for a child’s learning, huge amounts of government funding was poured onto the Early Years Sector at a local and national level. Therefore enabling us to evolve into a strong and sustainable group with a notable reputation in the area. Over the years our name has changed to St Peter’s (Thundersley) Pre school.

Today we are proud to be a member of the Pre School Learning Alliance and we are OFSTED approved and inspected.